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The Single & Double Block CM40 forged barstock construction features a straight through (roddable) bore design.  The roddable design allows the valve to be rodded out while in line and under pressure, should the valve become plugged.  It also features a replaceable soft or metal seat, which can be easily removed and replaced, eliminating the need for valve removal should the seat become damaged by process conditions.  It is ideally suited for severe process conditions (i.e. high temperatures, high pressure, and steam) or applications where valve plugging is a concern. Furthermore the valve is available with an optional API 607/BS6755 FIRESAFE block valves making it the valve of choice for hazardous and severe services.

Root Valves


  • Large bore, high pressure, high temperature, and severe service multi-port gauge root valve is ideally suited for the varying requirements of the power, petrochemical and gas industry
  • The compact design requires minimum space requirement for operation and installation.  Lowering the valve weight while increasing the stability at the process connection, also available with an optional support gusset
  • Replaceable in line repairable soft or metal seats to ensure long, safe, and economical installed valve life
  • Century's patented "Non-Rotating" 'P' Bonnet needle (plug type) stem end provides repeatable bubble tight shutoff.  The bonnet also meets the requirements of API 607/BS6755 FIRESAFE. The "Non-Rotating" stem will also eliminate seat galling and packing wear; the two primary factors associated with traditional valves failures
  • No threads on the stem ("Non-Rotating" version) which ensures the process does not contaminate the valve's actuation, and ensures smooth valve operation and long service life
  • All packing is below the threads (Rotating version), which ensures the process does not contaminate the valves actuation threads, and ensures smooth valve operation and long service life
  • Temperatures up to 1200oF with 316SS with a 0.04% minimum carbon content
  • Standard with upgraded bonnet lock to ensure accidental removal of the bonnet does not occur while the valve is under pressure. Locking plate along with Grafoil® packing meet the requirements of ASME 31.1
  • A body to bonnet metal to metal seal is in constant compression below the bonnet threads.  This prevents bonnet thread corrosion, eliminating possible tensile breakage of the bonnet, and gives a reliable seal point
  • A blowout prove stem prevents stem blowout or accidental removal while in service and provides a secondary metal to metal seal while in the fully opened position

*Note:  At this time Century Valve meets NACE specification MR0175-2002

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